Santorini is truly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. Located in the Cyclades, this Greek island has a lot to offer: from quiet beaches and dramatic viewpoints to a vibrant nightlife and delightful cuisine. Check my photos to discover the beauty of this island. Also don’t miss my travel guide and tips for your vacation to Santorini.

Santorini - Oia

Welcome to the beautiful island of Santorini!

Ramni House Santorini

Highly recommended place to stay in Santorini and very close to Oia: Ramni House

Beach at Ramni House Santorini

Beach in front of Ramni House

Santorini - Oia

Beautiful Oia!

Santorini - Oia

Old Oia houses

Santorini - Oia

Great place to sit and wait for the sunset in Oia

Santorini - Church in the Cyclades

Details from a beautiful Greek church

Santorini - Views over Fira from Imerovigli

Approaching Fira via Imerovigli enjoying the views

Santorini - Imerovigli

Beautiful terrace garden in Imerovigli I fell in love with

Santorini - Fira

Views over Fira

Santorini - Perissa

The dark beach at Perissa

Santorini - Colourful church

Colourful church in Santorini

Santorini tips

– If you’re looking for peace, book your stay at Ramni House just like we did! Right next to the beach and with all the necessities sorted (own kitchen, bathroom, livingarea etc) besides great outdoors (including lounge seats and a barbeque) and lots of privacy.

Rent a car upon your arrival in order to be able to move on the island.

– Be aware of the wind in summertime: the wind between mid June and beginning September is known as “Meltemi” and can get very wild. It might also blow for a few days in a row.

– My favourite village was without a doubt Oia, where you can also enjoy one of the most beautiful and famous sunsets.

Fira is the most busy and touristy village in Santorini. If you are looking for something more authentic head south to Akrotiri. In the streets of this village there were no tourists at all and there was peace and calm all around.

– Also highly recommended to visit the volcan and hot springs, the lighthouse, the Archaeological Museum of Santorini and Imerovigli (a cute little village with stunning views over Fira).

– When going to the beach: Perissa and Kamari were the most busy and lively beaches in Santorini. Other beaches like the one in front of Ramni House (Baxedes) and Monolithos are less touristy and thus more private. When using public umbrella’s and chairs you have to pay a fee. Beaches in Santorini have either stones or black sand (which can become really hot).

– For food: try the local cuisine, like their fresh tomatoes. At the restaurant order tzatziki, feta cheese, moussaka, souvlaki or calamari.

– Very cool: riding through the highway and seeing the the sea on both sides at the same time! Also there are many beatiful viewpoints, so be sure to stop now and then to enjoy the view.

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