Kasteel Doorwerth

I’m so glad we bumped into this amazing castle in one of our sunday hikes! Castle Doorwerth is beautifully located in the floodplains of the Rhine, which is the river that crosses Arnhem. The castle has a museum, a beautiful courtyard, an orchard and a café where you can grab something to eat or to drink. I specially enjoyed visiting the museum, with its medieval kitchen and other rooms that bring you back into time. Afterwards I recommend you to walk around Landgoed Duno, enjoying the nature and the views from Duno Plateau and Hunenschans in Heveadorp.

Doorwerth Castle in The Netherlands

The beautiful Doorwerth Castle in The Netherlands

Kasteel Doorwerth

Approaching Kasteel Doorwerth

Kasteel Doorwerth

Look out: this is one of the oldest trees in Europe

Doorwerth Castle

Entering a medieval castle!

Kasteel Doorwerth -  kitchen

The kitchen was by far my favourite place

Kasteel Doorwerth -  kitchen

Amazing reproduction of a medieval kitchen

Kasteel Doorwerth - medieval bedroom

The inside of a medieval bedroom

Kasteel Doorwerth - medieval museum

Bringing you back into medieval times

Kasteel Doorwerth - landlord's office

The landlord’s office

Doorwerth Castle

Love the details of the building!

Kasteel Doorwerth - Duno Plateau

Amazing views from Duno Plateau

Where to find Kasteel Doorwerth?

Fonteinallee 2B
6865 ND Doorwerth

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