Woonmall Villa ArenA Amsterdam

Looking for some nice furniture for your home in Amsterdam? Besides all the nice little shops in the city, you can also try and look at the Woonmall Villa ArenA. Here you will find hundreds of different shops, with everything you need for home. I specially liked the Woonfabriek Amsterdam and the many art galleries at the Villa ArenA.

Woonmall Villa ArenA Amsterdam

Inside the modern Woonmall Villa ArenA in Amsterdam, with a floating restaurant

Woonfabriek Amsterdam - Woonmall Villa ArenA

Furniture shopping at Woonfabriek Amsterdam

Woonfabriek Amsterdam - Woonmall Villa ArenA

So many things to choose at Woonfabriek Amsterdam!

Coffee at Douwe Egberts - Woonmall Villa ArenA Amsterdam

Coffee break at Douwe Egberts

Douwe Egberts - Woonmall Villa ArenA

Sweet treats at Douwe Egberts

Painting Trudie Canwood - Woonmall Villa ArenA

Loved this painting from Trudie Canwood

Where to find Villa ArenA?

ArenA Boulevard 166-194
1101 DJ Amsterdam-Zuidoost
Website: www.villaarena.nl

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