No flash needed

This week I attendend a masterclass on culinary photography given by Canon in Amsterdam, at the Kookstudio Leeuw & Merkx. Some other bloggers and food magazine editors were also present. We learned from Remko Kraaijeveld how to use the camera and how to make the most of it in places were the light is not at its best (that is, in most restaurants). And of course, we didn’t use the flash.

What are the learnings?
– Get as close as you need to the food to get a great shot.
– Use the different options that the camera gives you in order to get the best of it. In our case we didn’t use the flash, I setted the camera mode onto ‘AV’ and the focus onto ‘details’. Besides that, we reduced the aperture of the diaphragm, a function which allows more light to reach the film.
– When taking photos we would let the lens focus on one particular point so that the background would get blurry. I really liked that effect.

Here you can see the results!

Kookstudio Leeuw & Merkx for the Canon masterclass

Everything ready at the Kookstudio Leeuw & Merkx for the masterclass

End result photos Canon masterclass

End result of the photo masterclass

End result photo masterclass

My photo framed!

Canon masterclass culinary photography

This is the Canon camera that we used

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