Vapiano Den Haag

A couple of weeks ago we went to Den Haag for an event. Since we had to get a quick bite and it was pretty early, we ended up eating at Vapiano, a place a friend of mine recommended to me. It happened to be full of people! It was a great choice for a quick meal. At Vapiano’s you ask to the cook by the salad, pizza of pasta bar what you’d like from the menu list, and he cooks it for you in a minute. All relatively fresh products. The end result is delicious!

Check a few photo’s which I took in Den Haag and my yummy meal.

Pasta Vapiano Den Haag

What I ate at Vapiano’s

Vapiano restaurant in Den Haag

Loved the informality of Vapiano

Het Binnenhof in Den Haag

Love this picture of Het Binnenhof in Den Haag, next to Vapiano

Where to find Vapiano?

Buitenhof 45-51
2513 AH Den Haag

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