Laganini Den Haag

Welcome to Laganini! At this brand new spot in Den Haag you will find great food and wines from the Mediterranean regions and the Adriatic Sea. I happened to come accross this cute little place on my last visit in Den Haag and could not help but going in for some tasting. Here is my yummy sandwich with salami and pecorino cheese. When you’re here don’t forget to try their pršut (Croatian prosciutto) and kulen (Croatian chorizo).

Laganini - Den Haag

Welcome at Laganini in Den haag

Laganini - Den Haag

Decisions, decisions 😉

Laganini - Den Haag

Some culinary delicacies

Laganini sandwiches in Den Haag

Our lunch at Laganini

Den Haag - Plein

Afterwards you can wander around the city center. This for instance is the Plein in Den Haag on a gloomy day.

Where to find Laganini?

Molenstraat 16
2513 BK Den Haag

Grotere kaart weergeven

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